I’m Back!!

I’m back guys!! I’ve missed the ‘blogger sphere’ so much. This year has been an experience! So much has happened since I last posted anything. I lived through my biggest fear, losing my Mama. She passed away in July. For those of you who haven’t read any of my other blog posts or don’t know me personally, my Mama had cancer. At the end of last year we were told she was cancer free but then in June of this year we were told the cancer had returned and it was at Stage 4. She passed away a few days after we were told.

Now, this isn’t supposed to be a sad post. Don’t get me wrong, I’m absolutely devastated that my Mama isn’t here and I’m always going to feel devastated that she isn’t around, but this post……she’d love that I’m blogging again but she’d not be happy if my first post back is all ‘Doom and Gloom’. She was so full of life and love and she’d want my blogging to be full of the same. So, I’M OFFICIALLY BACK!! Make sure you check back real soon for new posts or hit the subscribe button to get emails whenever I post something new.

Thanks for stopping by!!

Enjoy these pictures of my beautiful Mama, Sisters and I.












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