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Blue Hair Don’t Care

It has started raining again y’all!! You guys have no idea how much I’ve missed the rain so in honor of the rain, I thought I’d share with you guys my all time favorite hairstyle. So last year in March I was preparing to head off to fashion school in Spain –I ended up not going- and I wanted a protective hairstyle that would last a few months. I decided to go with Box Braids but I also wanted to show my artsy side –I was going to fashion school– so I thought ‘why not try a bold color?’  I instantly fell in love with the way the colors blended form black to blue to an even lighter blue and so this hairstyle was born.

Hair is one of my favorite ways to express myself and be daring. So try a new hair cut, color or style or even wigs. (Just make sure you’re not going against the dress code at your work place/school)

Comment below the most daring hairstyle you’ve ever had? Was it a hit or a miss?

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4 thoughts on “Blue Hair Don’t Care

  1. I love it, the colour is so awesome! On the day of my prom I bleached my ginger hair and dyed it bright pink, then I backcombed it so badly, it looked like cotton candy on my head and the school photographer avoided me hahaha xx

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