Off Shoulder Dress

Off Shoulder Dress

Because my love for all things Off Shoulder is still going strong I’ve decided to make a series of post where I show off my off shoulder designs!!

This post is all about this Off Shoulder dress!! I made this dress in about 1-2 hours one night. I was service hosting at church the next day and I wanted to wear something I’d made. So I picked up one of those prints I told y’all I was obsessed with and made this dress. It was a big hit that Sunday. I got a number of people wanting me to make it for them and their little girls.

I’ve also made a long sleeved version of this dress that I wore to this past weekend’s Blankets and Wine. So lookout for pictures of it on my Instagram and Zapadera’s Instagram.

Are you guys as off shoulder obsessed as me? Drop a comment letting me know!!

Thanks for stopping by!! xx

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