Comfort & Style

Comfort & Style

Sometimes you just want to be comfortable. Especially when you have no plans of leaving the house. You want to thrown on something that feels like you’re wearing pajamas or pajamas for that matter. But then you remember an errand you need to run, or you get a phone call scheduling a impromptu meeting and now you have to leave the house. That’s where this jumpsuit comes in!

Now don’t get me wrong, there are some days when I really don’t care how I look leaving the house. I’ll literally go run errands and meet friends in sweat pants and sandals. But there are times when I kinda want to look cute but without putting in too much effort.

I love this jumpsuit because it’s super comfortable. It’s like a onesie so I can lounge around the house in it but stylish enough that I can leave the house in it too. I like to think that it gives people the impression that I work out because it kinda looks like a workout outfit, right?

What is your go to outfit for comfort and style? Leave me comment below!

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Jumpsuit – Fashion Nova

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