Course 5. Developing Fashion Marketing and PR Skills

Course 5. Developing Fashion Marketing and PR Skills

So here we are – the last course!  I mean they give you a year to complete the whole course but time seemed to fly by.

This course focused on developing marketing and public relations skills, something that is very important in the fashion industry, well any industry actually.

Setting up the right audience for your work is what PR and marketing — two separate but very intertwined things — are about. We, as consumers, have made this more difficult than ever. In the digital age we live in, we are extra picky with what ads we look at, what content we read, and what we deem “cool.”

Publicists no longer run the PR world, in this digital age celebrities, brands, and even you or I can have huge a following, influence, and “personal brand” using social media. The fashion industry has become aware of this, which is why you see huge brands reaching out to celebrities and fashion bloggers to spread their brand messages. The rules of that were associated with PR and marketing are changing fast with each technological advance. Because of this there is such an opening in the fashion industry for young, dynamic people bursting with fresh ideas.

I can’t believe it! I’ve completed The Parsons x Teen Vogue Certificate in Fashion Industry Essentials!  I wouldn’t change the experience for anything in the world. I’ve come out the other end with a well-rounded knowledge of the fashion industry that will be with me as I continue to pursue my dreams of working in the fashion industry.  I also developed a strong portfolio, but the most important thing this course has given me is direction. I know my strengths and I am super excited about my future in the industry.

For more information, click here or to sign yourself up, click here (You get a $50 credit on the program if you use that link!!). You can follow my journey through this course on Instagram  and snapchat – kutashanina.


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