Course 3. Understanding Fashion Production

Course 3. Understanding Fashion Production

This course……lets just say I had a hard time with this course, not because it was difficult because it was actually a lot of fun. I had a hard time because the perfectionist in me made it difficult for me to hit the upload button an a couple of the assignments. (This is why I completed this course the same day I completed Course 5.)

You are introduced to the business side of fashion in this course and given a quick run through. The industry experts tell you the essentials of what you need to know about business from that perspective of fashion industry and the assignments help you practice these skills.

I really challenged myself with the assignments in this course. I wanted to produce the best work possible and I did it in very little time (You have a year to complete the Parsons x Teen Vogue course as a whole but, in my case my laptop died earlier this year and I didn’t get access to a computer until September). I had the most fun during this course!

For more information, click here or to sign yourself up, click here (You get a $50 credit on the program if you use that link!!). You can follow my journey through this course on Instagram  and snapchat – kutashanina.




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