Course 4.Working in Fashion Media

Course 4.Working in Fashion Media

Yes, I know I’ve skipped a course but it was necessary. A couple of the assignments in Course 3. are me taking longer than expected to complete (I’ll explain in detail in the post about Course 3.), so I skipped a head to Working in Fashion Media. And I must say this course was a lot of fun! I was already looking forward to this course because it combines two of my favorite things, photography and social media and it didn’t disappoint.

As a fashion designer  and blogger I always want to create interesting visuals and writing to engage my readers and customers.  Fashion media plays an important role in explaining brands to people and this course really helped me understand that.

This course helped me be mindful of my Brand Look. You want people to look at any of your social media platforms an know immediately that it’s you. You want to be consistent on all platforms while at the same time catering to the people who visit those different platforms, for example on Twitter you might be looking for a quick news update, on Instagram you want to see a cool image, on Snapchat you want a behind the scenes peak, and so on. This is still something I’m trying to get my head around.  With a new social media platform popping up (what feels like) every week it is important to be open minded to new things because you never know what will be the next big thing.

Three out of five courses done (I know, I should be saying four but life happens…), and I can see the finish line. I’m so glad I decided to enroll in this course but I’m sad its coming to an end soon.

For more information on the course, click here or to sign yourself up with $50 credit on the program, click here. You can follow my journey through this course on Instagram  and snapchat – kutashanina.


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