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For this assignment I had look at who views my site, where they are from and what time of day the visit. has this incredible tool that lets you see how many people have viewed your site, where they are from, how they found your site, it even shows you the day you blog is most popular and what time your blog is most popular.

Since I’m Ugandan it makes sense that most of my views come from Uganda. Every time I publish a new blog post I share it on my social media pages and that is where I get almost all of my views from. Most of friends find out about new blog posts from Facebook and a few of them from Instagram. Instagram and Twitter help me get visitors from the rest of the world, one hashtag (the correct hashtag) is all I need to get new people visiting my blog. Great pictures help too.

My most popular day is Sunday as I get 33% of my views on Sundays and my most popular hour is 4:00am as I apparently get 21% of my views at that time. I get why Sunday is my most popular day, I mean I did write a blog post about Sunday Vibes, but the 4:00am time is kinda throwing me……..I mean I really don’t care what time people are visiting my blog as long as they are visiting!!

Below are my stats for the year 2016:

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