Production Standards

For this assignment I had to head to a large clothing retailer that carries a number of different brands. Try on a number of garments — tops and bottoms, dresses, pants and coats — and write down the sizes of the items that come closest to fitting you well. Now choose the item that fit you the best, and try on every identical item in that size.

Since I live in Uganda and we don’t have a huge clothing retailer the carries a number of different brands so I went to Mr. Price (one of our huge clothing retailers) to do this assignment. Now Mr. Price carries their brand of clothing so I couldn’t try on identical  items in different brands.

I tried on a number of garments and the one that fit me best was a fringe top.

I then tried on indentical fringe tops in different colors and patterns.

The Black and White dotted top and the Maroon top fit me almost exactly the same because they were made from the same type of material. The gray  tie-dye top ended up being too big on me. It was made from similar fabric as the white top but its fabric was a tad bit heavier and I think that is what made the fit of it so different. I learned that just because all the tops were from the same brand and were the same size didn’t meant they fit me the same. The fit depended on the material and surprisingly color as well.



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