September Favorites: Music Edition

September Favorites: Music Edition

September has come and gone, so I decided to share my top 10 favorites songs that got me through the month. (And believe me, it was very hard to pick just 10!!)

10. All In My Head (Flex) by Fifth Harmony ft Fetty Wap
Fifth Harmony had me jamming all summer to this track. Its melody is so catchy that I’d find myself singing it all the time. And even though the summer has come and gone I’m still loving this song. Lyrically it’s fun and flirty. And the girls were total #SummerBodyGoals in the music video.


9. Gangster by Kehlani
Harley Quinn is the reason I’m obsessed with this song. Suicide Squad had the most amazing soundtrack and this song was a bright spot for me on the soundtrack. Kehlani does an amazing giving this song an ominous aura and delivers it from Harley’s perspective. The lyrics are quite explicit (as one might expect) and the hook is quite catchy.


8. Scars To Your Beautiful by Alessia Cara
This song is all about self-love and acceptance. If the world doesn’t like how you look then the world should change. They should change their perspective. You don’t have to change yourself because you are beautiful just the way you are. Check out this beautiful music video here.


7. Can’t Blame A Girl For Trying by Sabrina Carpenter
You know when you have a crush on someone and you tell them but it doesn’t go how you expected it to? Well this song is about that. Now this isn’t a sad song, it’s an upbeat song about having a crush and not giving up when it doesn’t go your way because there are plenty more fish in the sea. Check it out here.


6. You Don’t Own Me by Grace ft G-Eazy
This song is also from the Suicide Squad soundtrack. This song is a cover of Lesley Gore’s 1963 hit. It’s a girl power anthem and Grace’s version is modern but still retains its feminist message. Check it out here.


5. Dope by Fifth Harmony
I relate to this song on such a personal level. Have been super into someone but lacked the confidence to tell them? Well lyrically and melodically this track creates that imagery. I have definitely been in the position where I feel extremely fascinated with someone but I’m absolutely loss for words when in person with them. Check out this beautiful song here.


4. On Purpose by Sabrina Carpenter
Sabrina Carpenter sings some of my favorite ‘feel good’ songs. This song starts off as a mid-tempo ballad then explodes into a synth-pop anthem. With its totally relatable lyrics On Purpose leaped it way to the top of my ‘dance like no one’s watching’ song list. Give it a listen and let me know if it made you ‘feel good’ or ‘dance like no’s watching’.


3. Yes Girl by Bea Miller
If there is one song that speaks to my life at the moment it’s this one. I had a lot of people in my life telling me what I needed to be doing and giving their opinions on what direction my life should be taking. I found myself just agreeing to whatever they said even when I didn’t want to do it. This song is about standing up for yourself and being passionate about things and having an opinion — and that it’s not wrong. I didn’t want to be a Yes Girl anymore.


2. Write On Me by Fifth Harmony
If you haven’t noticed by now, I’m a Harmonizer (Fifth Harmony Fan)!! For real though, Write on me is a beautifully crafted track. Lyrically it’s pretty special. The song is an extended metaphor. You’re asking somebody to ‘write’ on you, envelop you with their words. To paint you with their story like you’re a blank canvas. This song has been at the top of my favorite list for months and if the song below hadn’t come out in September this would have been my No. 1. Check it out here.


1. Mercy by Shawn Mendes
This song!! Words can’t begin to describe how obsessed I am with this song. Now this song hasn’t been out long, in fact it’s only been out about a week or two but from the moment I watched the music video this song had me captivated. The emotions Shawn Mendes exudes throughout the song and music video had me feeling everything. Check out this amazing track here and let me know if it gives you the feels.

Thank you so much for stopping by and let me know what your favorite songs were last month.



  1. Xtyna
    October 6, 2016 / 8:26 am

    Hey Kutasha! Great post! Thanks for sharing you favourite music for September. You go girl!

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