Course 1. Unlocking Visual Style

Course 1. Unlocking Visual Style

I completed this course a couple of weeks ago and it was such a great introduction into the Certificate in Fashion Industry Essentials by Teen Vogue and Parsons School of Design. For someone who has always been interested in Fashion, I was surprised but how much more there is to it. Fashion is so much more than what you see and what you think you know. I’ve learnt so much and it feel so good to be excited again about what I’m studying! This course has me feeling optimistic and inspired about my future in the Fashion Industry.

Course 1. Unlocking Visual Style asks you to look at Fashion and see the bigger picture. It asks you to see the story, the history  and culture that has influenced fashion. I find my self fascinated by the back stories of iconic trends, like the white dress, and seeing the real world relevance behind these trends.

The lessons and assignments are very interactive, and they include class discussions that allow you to connect with people, ask questions, and learn from others. They also include galleries where you can see what others have submitted and check out their social media platforms. It a great way of getting inspiration from fellow fashion lovers. Since my classmates are from all over the world, our different backgrounds evoke different opinions creatively and visually.

I completed six short assignments in this course, but it’s nothing like the homework you’re used to getting at school. The assignments help you learn how to identify, develop, and create your visual style. This can be seen on my blog, my instagram account, in what I wear and in how I decorate my room. I’ve always loved fashion, but the course has really helped me identify my own style and realize I can use it as an asset to further my career in the fashion industry. One of the assignments also inspired (more like urged) me to create this blog.

At the end of the course, the assignments will serve as a fashion portfolio that effectively showcase my visual style, which will help when I’m applying for jobs.

This course got me so excited to continue on with this Certificate course. I have already learned so much; I feel like I am looking at fashion and trends with a new set of eyes. My own visual style has definitely become more defined and I can see a career path in fashion in the future for myself.

For more information, click here and to sign up, click here (You get a $50 credit for the program if you use that link!!). You can follow my journey through this course on instagram and snapchat – kutashanina.

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